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¡¡Ballet in Ice
Model: OHS2

Full Panel Colorful Printing + Cubic Crystal 3 Layers Coating


Oleti Brand Smart Wireless Speaker (Heart Shape Speaker)


1.       Latest AI technology made: Smart speaker with Alexa voice service built-in, enjoy AVS news, AVS weather information, AVS Amazon music, Internet radio, Alarm, AVS reading, AVS answering.


2.       Forever Cultural & Love thesis: Colorful picture printing with younger taste + breath slow changing lighting mood effect help you to enjoy love, sweet, romantic, dream, softy, relax feeling when you play softy music in sleeping room or reading room. Another quick shinning lighting effect is suitable for dancing or disco music in party even.


3.       Diversified Choice: Up to 14 various cultural thesis or styles color printing can be optional for different taste consumer.


4.       Top Quality Sound: Japan made golden fiber materials made speaker drive with two times cost + famous brand DSP sound chipset + our unique non-regular shape sound deflection design matched with heart shape can play 360 degree top sound quality of music


5.       Super Reliable Privacy Protection: Tailor made Tape-Press-Button can assure the top reliability of privacy used in privacy place of sleeping room and reading room, assure top AVS identification rate, support directly ask question or give voice command with less noise and without repeat to call ¡°Alexa¡± sound when you enjoy AVS function, so much suitable to be used in an quiet place like sleeping room or reading room


6.       Support multi-functions play: Support AVS function, blue tooth speaker, FM radio, Micro SD/TF card play, hand free talking and three kinds of lighting effect


7.       Crystal Shinning Surface: With multi-layers color coating to display high quality crystal shining feeling and pretty style


8.       DIY premium gift box packing: Individual consumer or organization buyer can flexibly make your own DIY premium gift box packing by using our extra four pieces of heart shape labels with thesis of ¡°Happy Birthday¡±, ¡°I Love You¡±, ¡°Innovative Gift for VIP¡±, ¡° Innovative Gift for Winner¡±.


9.       ¡°Mystery Gift¡± and ¡°Transparent Gift¡±: Is combined in our one design for making amazing to gift receiver, also hundreds of various size golden heart icons are fully covered on premium gift box to show your real and sincere love.


10.   Super Long Time Playing: With larger capacity (2500mah) Li-thium iron rechargeable battery cell built-in + High version power saving blue tooth chipset, our speaker supports continuously playing around one week if being based on normal average sound level in sleeping room and reading room and enjoy three hours per night per full charging


11.   Critical Materials Top Reliable: Japan No. 1 brand capacitor material and many expensive price components are used in PCBA to assure long life reliable quality.


12.   Strict Testing: AVS function is tested and approved by Amazon USA Lab


13.   Safety by Big Lab Testing Certificates: Built-in battery cell is manufactured and supplied by big manufacturer with FCC/CE/CQC certificates and finished products with CE/Rohs/FCC certificates with super reliability.


14.   Manufacturing under ISO9001 Quality System: The finished product is assembled by experienced large factory under ISO9001 quality management system and pass multi-rounds of quality assure test.


Accessories: Including premium style gift box, inner protection blister, user manual, Micro USB cable, four free DIY packing labels

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